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Blacktail Bucks Are Hard to Hunt!

We are hoping to provide some critical information in getting yours this season with our Deer Candy.

In fact if you follow our techniques, you could have a monster buck in your sights, this season!

This Series of 4 emails will help you in your next hunt!

  We will be reviewing the following subjects in this series, which could up your chances of being successful.

1st email:
Is it legal in my state?
What does it do?

2nd email:
Location - Location?
How does the
Weather a ffect Deer Candy?

3rd email:
Predator issues?
Game Cameras

4th email:
Tree Stands & Blinds
Game Feeders

Deer Candy is made fresh with GMO-Free Whole Grains, fortified with a proprietary blend of natural minerals, vitamins, probiotics and Redmond Rock.  Deer Candy will attract deer 365 days/year. 

We guarantee to bring in deer and maybe
a trophy of a lifetime.

What other hunters are saying...
"This is the best I've seen"
Scott Haugen: Noted blacktail expert and author of
'Trophy Blacktails' and 'The Science Of The Hunt'